Making the Internet safer

June 10, 2012 by Steve Wacker in Technical Documentation

At Wadeware, we provide software and services for computer networks, most of which connect to and become part of the Internet. As individual personal technology users and as a team of information technology (IT) consultants, we have witnessed and participated in the evolution of the Internet’s global reach and connectivity. It’s been an exhilarating ride, and now it’s even expanding into the clouds!

Url addressThe dark side of the Internet

Unfortunately, as computing reach has expanded, the dark side of the Internet has also evolved. Criminal elements that are motivated by profit and have few scruples create computer malware—such as viruses, worms, and Trojans—that threaten users’ machines, privacy, and security.

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

Wadeware has worked extensively in recent years with Microsoft Trustworthy Computing (TwC), which was established in 2002 in response to the increasing number of malware outbreaks being spread through Internet connectivity at that time. Wadeware is proud to have played a major role in the development of “The evolution of malware and the threat landscape – a 10-year review,” a white paper that was published as a special edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report on February 29th of this year.

This white paper tells the story of malware’s origins as a prankster medium and how it became the domain of online criminals that it is today. It’s an informative and fascinating read for anyone who is interested in online security, and it provides an excellent overview of malware vulnerabilities and threat categories.

Wadeware enjoys working with all of our Microsoft clients, but we are especially thankful for our ongoing relationship with TwC because of the considerable efforts they expend toward making the Internet a safer computing environment for us all.