Wadeware Adds to Amazon WebStore Advantage

The Amazon WebStore team engaged Wadeware to develop a comprehensive product guide for the online retailer’s WebStore product offering, which is targeted at medium- and large-sized companies. Amazon WebStore is a multichannel ecommerce platform hosted by Amazon that is powered by the same technology that runs Amazon.com. Amazon WebStore allows companies to operate their online business in a secure, reliable, and scalable environment with minimal financial investment. The product guide needed to be concise and flexible enough to address questions from both business decision makers (BDMs) and technical decision makers (TDMs).

Business issue and requirements

Wadeware’s technical documentation team worked closely with Amazon’s marketing team to gather source materials that included existing feature and design guides, functional specifications, and style sheets. During this three-month project, Wadeware applied our technical documentation methodology to help refine key product messaging for the client, develop a detailed outline for the guide, gather input from technical and marketing subject matter experts at Amazon, and synthesize all of this information into a single product guide.


The result of these efforts was a well-researched and organized 50-page draft that highlighted key features of the Amazon WebStore product offering. The design of the guide was optimized to make it a key component of other important marketing collateral for the Amazon product, such as datasheets, case studies, and leave-behind materials. The Wadeware team ensured that the target audiences were addressed in specific sections of the guide. For example, high-level benefits were called out early in the guide for BDMs, while subsequent sections included in-depth views of WebStore features and merchandising offerings for TDMs. The project was an important success for Wadeware that provided Amazon with a solid set of source material for other marketing efforts tied to the product.

For more information about the product guide and other related materials, see the Resource Center page of the Amazon WebStore website.