Time-Saving Features of Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides developers and designers with the tools and components they need to build powerful, appealing customized user interfaces (UIs) and quickly deploy them to meet ever-changing customer demands. The benefits of Silverlight for UI design within this version of Windows Embedded include a more seamless design and development process in which the roles and responsibilities between developer and designer are separate. The Internet Explorer Embedded feature enables the development of custom browsers for specific devices or markets. All these features of Compact 7 enable both quicker development and faster time-to-market.

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft needed a content developer with working knowledge of Windows Embedded computing technology to help make content about Windows Embedded Compact 7 come to life. The goal of this project was to provide potential users with a solid understanding of the features and benefits of Windows Embedded Compact 7 to help them determine whether it could benefit their organization.


Wadeware provided the lead technical writer for this project, someone who is well-versed in the background and basics of Windows Embedded technology. Wadeware generated the content, working closely with Windows Embedded Compact 7 subject matter experts from start to finish to help ensure accuracy.

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