Support Documentation Is Big Hit with Custom Application Users

Wadeware formed a relationship with a leading sports organization to help the franchise better position itself in the entertainment space. Toward that end, Wadeware served as the lead developer of a custom business intelligence application to provide the organization with a rich database to generate reports. A significant part of the project was to also provide the organization with supporting documentation that it can use to train the users of the application.

Business issue and requirements

The sports organization needed a new business intelligence application that could centralize and integrate its data into informative statistical reports. The organization also wanted personnel to be able to use the application online and offline through a detailed user interface (UI) to produce and study reports. The application, which had to be able to serve users through a secure interface, also had to provide them with a dashboard-like reporting system.


Wadeware worked directly with the client’s internal IT team and business leaders to gather and define business requirements for the new application. Two important aspects of the development process consisted of designing the UI based on storyboards that were created in collaboration with the client, and compiling the information that formed the basis of the supporting user documentation.

As the custom application neared completion, Wadeware refined the training documentation into deliverables for two distinct user audiences, each with different access privileges in the application. The training documentation deliverables were reviewed for both technical accuracy and usability, and then updated as needed to the satisfaction of the client.

The sports organization now has a custom business intelligence application that collects all the necessary data it needs to provide detailed custom reports for the organization. It also has detailed training documentation that serves as a reliable resource to quickly bring users up to speed on how to use the application efficiently and effectively.