Report Showcases Microsoft Security Presence

Microsoft was seeking ways to establish its Malware Protection Center and related groups in a position of thought leadership in the commercial software industry with regard to computer safety and security. Wadeware’s security expertise has grown considerably over the last few years, which helped position us to make a significant contribution to this effort.
Security Intelligence Report v6

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft determined that it wanted to develop a semi-annual report on the state of security in its products. The goal of this project was to establish a report that would grow in scope over time, help Microsoft increase its presence as a significant entity in the field of computer security, and enhance its reputation.


Wadeware provided experienced technical writers, technical editors, and subject matter experts to help Microsoft create the Security Intelligence Report, a highly regarded semi-annual publication. The Report summarizes current software security issues and provides a digest of information about the state of software security in general and how Microsoft products endure hostile attacks. The publication has received positive press coverage and helped Microsoft earn increased respect in the industry.

Download the Security Intelligence Report.