Security Guidance for Windows Server 2008

The Windows Server 2008 operating system is one of the most important development efforts from the standpoint of IT security for Microsoft. The operating system was built from the ground up with security in mind, and designed to protect organizations from attacks on their networks and servers.

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft needed help shaping and polishing a considerable amount of information about how to secure and deploy Windows Server 2008. The Windows Server 2008 Security Guide needed to provide instructions and recommendations to help IT pros understand all the security ramifications of Windows Server 2008.


The Solution Accelerator Team’s longstanding working relationship with Wadeware has provided Microsoft with top-quality content development services from a valued partner. Wadeware worked with Microsoft to develop security-related descriptive content, tools, step-by-step procedures, recommendations, and processes to help Microsoft customers streamline the deployment process of this leading Microsoft product. The result was the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide.

Download the Windows Server  2008 Security Guide.