Building on Interest in Office Communications Server

Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 R2 provides web-based conferencing that integrates audio and video for instant collaboration and meetings. Users can combine high definition video conferencing with documents, applications, and media that they can share in real time as if the people attending the conference were gathered in the same meeting room. Users can initiate meetings from Outlook and Office Communicator; they can even start audio conferences from a mobile phone and then move participants to a PC when they arrive at their office. Office Communicator web conferencing uses the same client as the Office Live Meeting Service for a consistent experience.

OCS Datasheets

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft needed a technical white paper to describe how IT pros can quickly and easily take advantage of the new audio conferencing features in OCS 2007 R2. An accelerated schedule was also necessary, because Microsoft wanted to have it ready for a critical conference. Microsoft needed a technical documentation team that could quickly gather information about these new features and then create a white paper that clearly communicates the advantages and proper usage of these features.


The Wadeware technical documentation team worked to develop a white paper that provides concise, meaningful information about OCS 2007 R2 while meeting the company’s accelerated schedule needs. The white paper includes an executive summary of the features in OCS 2007 R2, as well as a deeper technical discussion of the features from an IT pro perspective that covers how to design, deploy, and manage OCS 2007 R2.

The Wadeware team discussed the goals of the white paper with the document stakeholders, created an outline that included the key objectives for each section, and then created a draft of the white paper based on the outline. After a review by the client, the Wadeware team worked closely with the various stakeholders to incorporate their feedback and create a final version of the white paper. All of the project milestones were completed on time or ahead of schedule, and the white paper was ready for presentation at the critical conference.