In-Depth Look at the Impact of Botnets on Cyber Security

This paper, which was featured in Volume 9 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, provides an extensive look at botnets—one of the most significant security-related phenomena harassing people and computers worldwide today. It includes the history of botnets, describes how they are being used to aid in identity theft, distributing malware, and the like across the Internet, and lists steps that IT administrators and users can take to defend against such attacks.

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft is a leader in the technology industry, playing a key role in helping ensure the integrity of information and data. As part of this leadership role, Microsoft saw a need to document and publish their security findings to industry partners and competitors alike, and they started doing so in 2006. They determined that part of this year’s findings should include a special section that described the impact of botnets on the cyber community and what can be done to prevent such attacks.


For the past several years, Wadeware has provided extensive writing and editing support for the bi-annual Microsoft Security Intelligence Report—generating content for the special feature section “Battling Botnets for Control of Computers” was a natural course of action for the company. Having in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s role in studying security trends and how they develop methodologies to protect against attacks was essential for writing this paper. Wadeware technical writers and editors carried the paper from inception to completion, and received high praise from the customer upon delivery.

For more information, see the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report website.