A Primary Role in Developing the Microsoft Hyper-V Security Guide

Microsoft is dedicated to creating technical documentation and tools that provide security recommendations and best practices for customers to follow when deploying leading Microsoft products. One such project that Wadeware was involved in was the development of a Hyper-V Security Guide to document the security capabilities and enhancements available to customers interested in deploying Hyper-V in their environments. Hyper-V is the hypervisor-based virtualization functionality included as a role of Windows Server 2008 in both Full and Server Core installations.

Hyper-V Security Guide

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft needed to work with a content development partner who understood the new capabilities of Hyper-V and who could create security guidance to help customers deploy this important technology securely and effectively.


Wadeware provided knowledgeable technical writing and technical editing services to gather requirements, help develop an outline and content specification for the project, work with Hyper-V subject matter experts, and write and edit the security guide (see our documentation methodology for more information about our  process).

The project team developed a concise document that focused on hardening the Hyper-V server role as well as managing and protecting virtual machines. The guide was considered a great success in part because the number of customer downloads significantly exceeded the team’s expectations. Another reason was the excellent feedback provided by numerous IT pros during the beta phase of the project, which Wadeware helped incorporate into the final version.

Download the Hyper-V Security Guide on TechNet.