Datasheets Highlight Time and Cost Savings

Microsoft may be more well-known for the Windows family of operating systems, but they have also established themselves in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). This technology is being used today to help organizations streamline operations, cut costs, and help solve complicated engineering problems. In one instance within the insurance industry, the Microsoft Windows-based HPC platform was used to perform a computational modeling problem that executed a financial calculation in just a couple of hours; the same calculation took some two hundred hours on a typical desktop system. In another case, Windows HPC Server 2008 and 64-bit Windows Server technology were employed to reduce complexity in an HPC environment that conducts highly detailed, compute-intensive computational fluid dynamics simulations.

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft determined that it needed collateral that describes how its high-performance computing technologies have been enabling more streamlined calculations within organizations such as financial and engineering businesses. They decided that the best medium for delivering this data would be datasheets written for an audience of trade show and technical conference attendees.


Wadeware provided the writing and editing support for the development of these datasheets—in some cases generating original content, in other cases making general updates.

For more information and examples, see Computational Financial Services and Risk Management.