Cost-Savings in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7 includes some of the solutions for embedded devices that take advantage of features from Standard 7, including Windows Media Player 12, Internet Explorer 8, and Windows Touch. This new platform can translate to cost savings for organizations through its compatibility with a broad range of hardware, software, and services (including web-based services) that help reduce development costs and time-to-market.

Business issue and requirements

Microsoft needed a document that showcased the features and advantages of using Windows Embedded Standard 7. The company wanted this document to help entice IT managers, technical decision makers, and others involved in the purchasing decision-making process to acquire Windows Embedded Standard 7 to realize its cost-savings nature and ease of use for developers who create embedded device software.


Wadeware provided expert technical writing and editing services to help generate and publish this paper. With its background knowledge in Microsoft embedded platform solutions, Wadeware was strategically positioned to gather the information and craft it into the desired format for Microsoft.

For more information, see the Windows Embedded website.