Strong Suite of Courseware for Legal Services Firm

Wadeware was engaged by a Chicago-based legal services company that has created a web-based litigation support system to connect clients, counsel, support staff, experts, and outside vendors in one solution. The company serves some of the nation’s leading law firms by deploying its software in-house or as a hosted solution through its partners.

Legal Service Courseware Training

Business issue and requirements

The legal services firm needed instructional courseware materials, process documentation, and technical documentation to support a certification process for their proprietary litigation support system so that they could effectively train and certify administrators.


Wadeware proposed a two-phase project for this client. Phase 1 focused on creating technical documentation for an administrator’s study guide in document form, and phase 2 focused on creating an administrators’ certification exam that uses a variety of question modalities.

The Wadeware project team included an instructional designer and a technical editor who collaborated extensively with the client. We structured the content in an instructionally sound sequence, derived step-by-step processes from descriptive information, captured and incorporated screenshots, and wrote scenarios to provide context for administrators. As part of the process, the instructional designer stepped through and validated every procedure described in the study guide, thus pinpointing some previously unidentified areas that needed improvement.