Custom XML Editor Leads to Better Code Management

Wadeware was engaged by a large commercial software company to help it manage a dynamic set of content on its website. The company had started a new set of continuous improvement practices in its processes to improve the overall quality of its products.

XML Editor

Business issue and requirements

The client needed help to more effectively manage its guidance on application development practices. The company’s internal site includes hundreds of tricks and tips, all of which were maintained in an XML file. Using our software development methodology, Wadeware developed an easy-to-use editing tool that site administrators could use to add, remove, and edit website content.


Wadeware’s application development team built a custom XML editing tool that dynamically builds text, web content, and JavaScript. The tool has a graphical interface that allows users to manage XML code without having to manually edit raw code. The website management team now uses this tool to more effectively add, remove, edit, and maintain the content on the site.