Custom Mobile Device Refresh Tool

Large mobile phone companies face ever-expanding demands to provide connections to customers who use a wide variety of mobile devices and services. To stay current, mobile companies need the ability to demonstrate their products and services to an ever-demanding client base.

Exchange Refresh Tool Web Interface

Business issue and requirements

One of the largest mobile phone companies in the world needed a development partner that would provide its sales teams with specific functionality to improve their demonstrations of Microsoft Exchange access to mobile users who communicate using Blackberry devices.


Wadeware developed an application that allows sales personnel to refresh demonstration mailboxes with a standard set of email messages, calendar items, contacts, and tasks. Application users can refresh mailboxes either on demand or schedule automatic refreshes on a weekly basis. Wadeware was able to develop this solution in a timely manner because of our expertise in custom application development and our in-depth experience with Exchange Server and Exchange-based communications.