Custom Business Intelligence Application Hits Home Run

Wadeware has formed a relationship with a leading sports organization to help the franchise better position itself to acquire the resources needed to achieve its goals. Toward that end, Wadeware served as the lead developer of a custom business intelligence application designed to provide the organization with a rich database of information supplied by various reports that it can use to help it make highly informed business decisions.

Business issue and requirements

The sports organization already had access to multiple data sources, but it needed a software application that could centralize and integrate its data from internal and external resources into informative statistical reports. The organization wanted an online application with a detailed user interface (UI) that it could use to produce and study different reports from different perspectives. The application also had to be able to work offline to provide users with a secure interface that they could use to organize data and upload and download customized reports while working in areas without connectivity.


Wadeware worked directly with the client’s internal IT team and business leaders to gather and define business requirements for the new application. Working collaboratively, the organization put together a functional specification based on requirements for the application. Developing the application then began simultaneously on two tracks: building the back-end database functionality, and designing the UI based on storyboards for the application along with supporting user documentation.

Wadeware used a phased approach with the client during the application development process to establish project priorities and group them into modules that the combined team could systematically address to meet the application’s functionality requirements. Over 12 months, modules were released, tested, and adopted by the organization’s user base until all of the client’s previously disparate reporting tools and processes were integrated into one tool.

The sports organization now has a custom business intelligence tool that collects all the necessary data it needs to provide detailed custom reports for the organization. The tool was designed to take advantage of ASP.NET and provides the client with a dashboard reporting system built on Microsoft Silverlight. The tool is helping the organization to more efficiently manage its data gathering efforts and provide detailed intelligence to make well-informed decisions.

The custom business intelligence application includes the following functionality:

  • Automated data collection and synchronization
  • Asynchronous online/offline data transfer
  • Data security and communication control
  • Unique customization capabilities