Testing Services

Wadeware testers are quality assurance gatekeepers who ensure that our software development projects achieve the highest standards. After the developers on a project team have developed an application, a tool, or new features, our test team performs various tests to validate the accuracy of the materials and ensure that everything works as required. Any discrepancies or errors are noted and communicated to the development team, which reviews and fixes them as needed. The test team then validates the fixes during a follow-up test pass.

Testing abilities

Wadeware testers are skilled at performing validation testing in complex IT environments. Our testers employ a variety of tools and skills to provide the following testing services:

  • Client/server application testing
  • Software feature and add-in testing
  • Tool and editor testing
  • Script testing to ensure compliance standards for maintaining, optimizing, and configuring software
  • Quality assurance analytic testing to assess performance results

Software testing experience

Wadeware testers have more than 10 years of experience and training in software testing. Our testers’ qualifications include the Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) certification, and they have developed strong skill sets for both black box and white box testing. Members of our test team have also served as test leads for other leading software development companies in the Seattle area.

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