Content Refresh Tool

Present outstanding reliable on-demand demonstrations. Our Content Refresh tools make it easy to refresh a feature-rich scenario by automating the process of refreshing your demonstration content. Refresh your content based on a predefined schedule or on-demand between presentations. We can help you automate your messaging service so that you can easily refresh your technology demonstration content.

Refreshable content

Wall posts



Contact info


Calendar events


Manage your Facebook conversations between multiple demonstration personas. Send demo mail (including Unified Communication voicemails) to multiple users. Change demo persona contact info in one place to autopopulate demo environments. Easily add recurring and one-off events to populate a persona’s calendar with content.

The challenge

Currently, when a salesperson wants to demonstrate a feature-rich scenario, they typically need to draft an email, calendar event, or wall post to support the scenario. To keep the demonstration content fresh, sales personnel must rewrite and send all of these items each time a new sales demo is developed. No more. Our tools enables sales personnel to refresh their demo content based on a master scenario (or a number of customized scenarios) that they can author and edit on demand. The master scenarios can be set to refresh manually or according to a predetermined schedule, such as on a weekly basis.

Exchange* Content Refresh features

Threads between multiple users X
Rich HTML with attachments X
Follow-up flags and high importance icons X
UM voicemail support X
Single meeting items X
Recurring meeting items X
Meeting cancellations X
Names, phone numbers X
Photos X
Status emails for automatic refreshes X
Inbox rules for incoming email X
Autodiscover service to locate and interact with user mailboxes X
Maps corrupted mailbox addresses to usable email addresses X

* The Exchange Content Refresh tool works for Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010.

Facebook* Content Refresh features

Content generation and production

Wall posts
Add & remove text updates X
Add & remove link updates X
Add & remove photo updates X
Thread conversations between multiple friends X
New user accounts
Add & update user profile information X

* Designed for Facebook API 5.1


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