Auto Responder Tool

Do you need custom messaging responses in your demonstrations that are flexible and more lifelike? Our Auto Responder tools empower our clients to run demonstration scenarios with confidence, knowing that a reliable bot is on the other end providing the needed responses to present a seamless demo.

Controlled responses

Multiple conversations

Custom Tool Development

Presence information

Presentation Scenario


Multilingual Language Support

Lifelike responses

User Group

Each demo persona can have multiple conversation scenarios for different situations. Type a simple command that looks like a message to change the status of a demo persona. Set up language scenarios for different demonstrations and manage them all in one place. Set response times dynamically based on message length, and simulate real key strokes.

The challenge

To demonstrate an interactive feature, sales personnel often need to receive an intelligent instant message (IM) reply from another user. Or they may need to change presence information to support a demonstration scenario. Currently, when a salesperson makes a demonstration using an IM service, the demo cannot work unless someone is physically available on the other end who can respond to the initial message. Wadeware’s Auto Responder allows sales personnel to create scripted conversations and implement them through a number of IM services. The Auto Responder tool also allows sales personnel to change the status of a fictitious user’s presence to conditions such as Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, and so on.


Lync* Auto Responder features


Multilanguage support  X
Presence control through IM commands X
Dynamic response timing (longer generated response times take longer to send) X
External chat support (via PIM)
Multiple conversation scenarios X
Customizable input/response messages

* The Lync Auto Responder tool works with Microsoft Lync Server 2010. OCS Auto Responder is available on request.

Facebook* Auto Responder features

Chat support X
Messaging support X
Customizable input/response messages X

* Designed for Facebook API 5.1