Documentation Methodology

We recognize that today’s customers need to generate content quickly. Customers need experts who can take their vision and bring the necessary research and writing acumen to turn the vision into reality. Our methodology supports the level of writing your team needs to ensure that your message finds its target audience on time and on budget.

Documentation Methodology


It starts with research. Gathering any existing collateral pieces, sniffing out subject matter experts (if they exist), and locating other source material that might be harder to dig up. We take the time to organize the material and put it into one concise package. Words, links, and experts are all collateral, and we help make the best use of them to provide stellar content.

Content specification

All of our tedious research is collected and organized into a content specification. If there are multiple documents, each gets a section in the content specification that outlines each component and the source material that will be used for each section. Missing content pieces are mapped to subject matter experts to be interviewed for additional research when time allows.


A finalized outline is delivered that fully organizes all the content according to the content specification and incorporates any preliminary findings from stakeholders and subject matter experts. This outline provides the level of detail needed for a writer to draft a document.


Based on the outline, our writers start drafting the technical components of the document, conducting deeper research and interviews to create the content deliverable. Charts, graphs, and graphics are developed to support the content, and key subject matter experts participate in review cycles to confirm accuracy. All feedback is tracked using revision marks in the document, and after review cycles have been conducted and feedback incorporated, the document is considered content complete.


After the document is considered “content complete,” an editor performs up to three different editorial reviews depending on the nature of the deliverable. The focus of these review cycles ranges from developmental (structural) to strictly grammatical to legal, and depends somewhat on the type of document. The writer reviews proposed changes with the team before delivering the final document to the customer for review.


The final version is delivered to the customer and the project is considered complete.