Infrastructure Consulting Methodology

With the advent of both cloud and on-premises infrastructure solutions, we recognize that the landscape can be tricky. We work with you to develop an infrastructure solution that meets your needs, and we have developed a methodology that allows us to deploy a solution that not only works today but provides the necessary documentation to help you expand for the infrastructure of tomorrow as well.

Infrastructure Methodology


It starts with proper discovery. We meet with your infrastructure team to gather all the information we can about your current environment. We talk through needs and review the options out there today. You provide feedback on budget, timeline, uptime, and priorities, and we listen and document those requirements.


An architecture design document is crafted by our team with all the details from the discovery process. This document includes the current landscape of your environment, along with a migration or upgrade plan that maps the rest of the process our team will use to get you from point A to point B. Any necessary software, hardware, and configuration needs are included along with a rough timeline so that you can plan accordingly.


Upon approval of the architecture design, our team starts implementing the solution by building or configuring the environment into a pilot version that can be reviewed and confirmed before deploying it in a live environment. Any preliminary migration or upgrades are implemented to meet your requirements during this project phase.


After all of the preliminary implementation is complete, our team deploys a pilot for customer review. Although this pilot may not have all of the functionality described in the architecture design document, it allows the customer to verify that the environment is configured appropriately for deployment.


When necessary, Wadeware’s consultants provide training and training materials for the client to help them learn to administer the new infrastructure. This approach helps ensure a smooth handoff of the deliverables and increase uptime for the customer’s users.


After all parties approve the pilot and confirm all functionality of the final deliverable, Wadeware delivers it to the client or deploys it to the live environment, which typically marks the completion of the project.