Application Development Methodology

Our blended approach to application development projects gives us the ability to leverage the strengths of the Waterfall development methodology as well as Agile methodology to provide you with a quality application that meets your needs on time and on budget.

Application Development Methodology


Any application starts with effective discovery. We meet with your team to gather all functional and graphic requirements that we can about the application. We talk through your needs and review the technologies available to then help you make an educated decision about how we can develop software that is valuable to your business.


All of the information collected during discovery is organized into a functional specification that outlines the technical aspects of the application. This document includes wireframes and user scenarios where necessary to fully articulate the functionality of the final product.


After the functional specification is approved, the development team starts by taking all the work items from the specification and importing them into Wadeware’s application development management tools. This process includes creating a prioritized work log for each work phase of the project. This work log is also called a sprint backlog, which refers to each phase as a sprint. Customers and team members agree to the level of communication and status updates as part of the plan.


Each work phase is divided into sprints. A project could include one or many sprints, depending on the size and scope of the application. Work sprints are divided into 1 – 4 week periods of work with daily status meetings and high visibility of progress for the team and customers. At the end of each sprint, a product that can potentially be released is provided to the client for testing.


After a sprint finishes, the results are released to the customer for testing. Client testing is usually limited to 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the level of functionality being tested in the product, and this occurs in a test environment provided by the client or in Wadeware’s environment.


After obtaining customer approval, the final release candidate is deployed for the client or delivered to their development team.