Thankful for Mobile Clients for Lync

November 23, 2011 by Wadeware in IT Infrastructure

So Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we’ve been doing some thinking. Sure, there may be more important things to be thankful for, but we’re thankful for the soon to be released Mobile Clients for Lync. Given that more and more information workers are using the mobile phone as their only phone, adding Lync functionality will make it even easier to communicate. We thought it might be worthwhile to list some of the key features and functionality.

Stay connected with Mobile Clients

Using Mobile Clients for Lync, it’s possible to view availability and select the best way to communicate with anyone—initiating instant messaging (IM), email, or a phone call. In addition, Mobile Client for Lync provides accurate availability status to other users when using a mobile device. Immediate presence information and unified communications! How great!

Connect to conferences with a single click

Mobile Clients for Lync provide the ability to join a conference with a single click of a button, without requiring users to dial conference numbers and enter long numeric passcodes. Who doesn’t want a quick click-to-conference option?

Connect with others using a single, consistent identity

With all of our different phone numbers – work, home, cell – a single telephone number can be used across a desk phone, PC, and mobile phone. Outbound calls from a mobile device with the Lync client can enable the use of a single identity and phone number, making it easier to recognize calls from the Lync mobile client by colleagues, partners, customers, and personal contacts.

Connect more securely

With communication channel encryption, transport layer security (TLS) support, and perimeter/internal network protection, your communications experience is safer no matter where you are or what network you use.

Connect using your favorite smartphone

Mobile Clients for Lync will be available for all major smartphone platforms. Lync clients developed by Microsoft will be available for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone, jointly developed Lync clients will be available for Nokia phones, and partner-developed Lync clients will be available for other smartphone platforms.

While you’re sitting around the table tomorrow with family and friends, think of how communication is evolving – and let’s be thankful that technology is helping us stay connected to friends, families, and coworkers.