Microsoft Exchange 2010 Training – High Availability

October 12, 2010 by Wadeware in IT Courseware, IT Infrastructure

Next month we will be hosting a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Training Course at Exchange Connections 2010 in Las Vegas targeting High Availability.  If you are interested in Exchange Server training, come join us.

Here’s a description of the course (also posted on the DevConnections website):

Exchange Server 2010 High Availability – Hands on Workshop

Microsoft has made some outstanding improvements to Exchange 2010 SP1 redundancy and the rules have all changed; SANs are less important, JBOD can be supported, Outlook talking to CAS, movable databases, and logs and EDBs living together in harmony.

This one day workshop will focus on how you can configure your Exchange Server organization to increase availability with Database Availability Groups (DAG), CAS clusters, and more. In this information-packed day, you’ll use an 8GB Windows Server 2008 R2 laptop provided by Microsoft to walk through several hands-on labs developed by Wadeware with Exchange MVP Peter O’Dowd. Space is limited so sign up now.

And here’s a breakdown of the course labs that we’ll be running through:

Lab 1: CAS High Availability using Windows Network Load Balancing

Lab 2: Enable a Database Availability Group (DAG)

Lab 3: Configuring a Database Replication Network

Lab 4: Managing the DAG and performing a Database Switchover

Lab 5: Test DAG Server Failure

Lab 6: Recovering from Server Failure and Site Resiliency

Join us and learn more about Exchange Server 2010! Register Today!