Getting Lync Server 2010 to provide external access without an Edge server

September 8, 2011 by Thomas Foreman in IT Infrastructure

We had an interesting situation the other day during a deployment of Microsoft Lync Server 2010. The customer wanted Lync for internal use only, because the organization wants to use it mainly for conferencing. So, for this reason there was no plan to deploy a Microsoft Lync Edge server. We still wanted to make Lync sort of externally accessible for the client, without making users connect through a virtual private network (VPN), so we decided to integrate Lync with Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA).

At first, we were left wondering if this would work. But the more we thought about it, the more obvious it became that the integration plan would work. I won’t list the steps here to integrate Lync Server 2010 with Exchange Server 2010 SP1, as others have done a great job of explaining this.

For that information, we used the steps outlined in Ilse Van Criekinge’s Weblog.

And guess what? It worked right away! The only thing we would have to add is to do an IISRESET on the Exchange Server 2010 Client Access Server (CAS) servers in the environment.

So, if you are wondering if Lync-OWA integration works, even if you do not have any sort of external access for Lync, the answer is a definitive Yes.