William “Bill” Wade

Bill has more than 22 years of experience in providing information systems solutions to customers. He possesses a diverse information system background that includes systems architecture, enterprise deployment and migration, technical writing, and project management. He combines technical competencies with excellent written and oral presentation skills, business acumen, and proven leadership capabilities. Bill has written a number of books, magazine articles, and white papers.


Bill has provided a variety of IT consulting services throughout his career:

  • Wadeware – Founded company selling computer hardware and providing software development services to local companies. Wadeware has since evolved into its current form to provide technical documentation, IT courseware, architecture design, and deployment services focused on Microsoft products and services, as well as IT infrastructure services.
  • Excell Data Corporation – Used experience as a Microsoft System Engineer and Trainer to create Microsoft technology architecture and deployment services.
  • Microsoft Solution Provider – As a Microsoft System Engineer and Trainer, Bill provided Windows BackOffice consulting services and training worldwide.
  • USTravel/Electronic Data Systems – Utilizing his growing skills in architecture design and deploying LAN and WAN solutions, Bill traveled to organizations nationwide to solve complex infrastructure issues.
  • Aerospace manufacturer – As a data systems manager, Bill focused on LAN support and administrating a VAX cluster and Windows 3.1 PC network.


Bill was born and raised in Arizona and moved to the Pacific Northwest after graduating from the University of Arizona in 1990. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in general studies: Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Political Science. Arriving with the same box of junk he took to college with him four years earlier, Bill quickly found a job and began his career in the information technology industry. Today, Bill is married and has two beautiful kids who enjoy pulling out random junk from his old college box.